EggHaulers now in ”O” Scale

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE announces the introduction of EggHaulers in O Scale!

Product name: O Scale EggHaulers

Launch date: June 15, 2022

Retailers: Available exclusively at

EggHaulers rolling stock in G Scale has been a great success. Train people around the world have been running them behind their Aristo Craft and Bachmann G Scale Eggliners for years.  Bachmann has introduced the Eggliner in O Scale and now has announced they will support Bachmann with O Scale EggHaulers.

These whimsical rolling stock cars are available in dozens of colors and several different styles. There is the original Gondola as well as Box Cars, Reefers, Flat Cars, Circus Cage/Jail Cars, Passenger Cars, and of course a Caboose.

Check out and go to the online store to see a complete listing of hundreds of EggHaulers to tow behind your Eggliner.

Extra Extra:  The Bachmann Eggliner only has a drawbar coupling device. has developed an exclusive standard coupler adapter so that you can use standard couplers on your Bachmann O Scale Eggliner.

Publications:  If you need image files or would like an EggHauler to review please contact us at  Please, email us your publication name, contact email address, web site URL and any image specifications.

Train Clubs and Organizations:  If you would like to see if you qualify for a FREE EggHauler for one of your group meetings, please email us your group name, contact person and their email address as well as your group web site URL. We will contact you to see if we can provide you with a unit to support your group.